Grand Oaks Community Project Information

P & Z Meeting Info:  Possible Revised Date: March 9th @ 6:30PM.  No longer February 24th @ 6:30PM

Location:  City Hall, 300 W. Main Street; Grand Prairie, TX 75050


Know the Facts:  
Myth: The new homes will dramatically increase traffic.

Truth: The City of Grand Prairie has conducted a traffic study, which has shown that this development will create almost no traffic delays. In contrast, the former club house hosted large events which held up to 350 people who all left at the same time.

Myth: New homes will block views and irreparably damage the beauty of the golf course, making it undesirable to both potential and existing homeowners.

Truth: None of the proposed development will be built on the existing course – it will all be situated on an adjacent parcel of land. The homes will be marketed to golf enthusiasts who want to own homes with easy access to the course. At $200k-$300k a unit, the new homes would be consistent with current listings in the neighborhood (which range from $150k-$275k). The new development will also have a mandatory HOA to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of the new properties.

Myth: Grand Oaks should build swimming pools and tennis courts instead of new homes.

Truth: ClubCorp sold Grand Oaks in 2001 after determining the small country club was not profitable. The swimming pool and tennis courts were hardly ever used. 

Myth: The course has not been maintained.

Truth: The course has been improved and well maintained. Considerable resources were put into renovating the facilities, including the driving range, restrooms, drainage, pro shop, and new clubhouse. The course no longer floods for extended periods of time and the smaller, high-quality clubhouse is in excellent condition. Come check it out!

Myth: Ownership is not interested in preserving the golf course and maintaining it for its intended use.

Truth: As the longest owners of the Grand Oaks Club, the Mais have spent nineteen years and considerable resources renovating facilities and working the course. The present owners are intent on keeping the course open and sustainable for years to come.

Myth: This is not good for our neighborhood.

What would not be good for the neighborhood is if the course were forced to shut down. Once shuttered, closed courses become less attractive and less used. Surrounding home values drop by an average of 25%, with values dropping by 40% if the courts and litigation become involved (Wall Street Journal July 19, 2019). 

Myth: Grand Oaks Golf Course doesn’t need to add new development and should remain as it is.

Truth: According to National Golf Foundation estimates, 200 golf courses in the Sun Belt have closed. Many that remain are in financial trouble, as golf has declined in popularity in recent years with 20% fewer golfers since 2003 (NGF). Grand Oaks competes with multiple golf courses, including a facility with three 9-hole courses a mile away.

Golf is a changing industry, and the Grand Oaks ownership recognizes a need to adapt to the times and focus on what it does best–which is golf. An influx of new homeowners in this golf-oriented development will help give Grand Oaks a better chance of long-term success. 


Why We Think it’s a Grand Idea!

“It will bring in more business for the golf course plus offer more jobs and benefits to whom we employ from the surrounding area.” “Revive and beautify the current aging community and create more durability for the neighborhood.”
“Most urgently, it will substantially increase the likelihood that the golf course will be able to sustain itself for years to come.” “These high-quality homes will be a great addition for the community. The likely alternative, an empty former golf course, will benefit nobody.”



Your Voice Matters!!

Only you can make a difference!  It only takes seconds to send an email to the City Council.  Click on the links below to make your voice heard!  While we realize not everyone will be for this new community we want everyone to have the opportunity to send in their thoughts on the matter!  We thank you for your support!