Employee Paperwork

Grand Oaks Staff – You will find all needed forms below.  You may return them one of the following ways:

  1.  Print them out and return them to the office at Grand Oaks Golf Club
  2. Download them to your computer and fill them out (remember to save them to your computer so you can upload them) and email them to courtneymai@yahoo.com
  3. Print forms, fill them out, then scan and upload them and email them to courtneymai@yahoo.com
  4. Fax forms to attn:courtney smith at (972)-264-6162

If you have any questions or need help please email Courtney at the above email or call (972)-274-6161.  You will receive help during business hours.  Remember you will not get paid if items 1-5 are not completed in a timely fashion!  Thank you!

New Employee Required Forms (1-5)

1.W4 Form

2.I9 Verification Form

3.Submit 2 Forms of ID (see above I9 for a description of required forms of ID)

4.Employee Packet

*Read Only – Do Not Print Out & Return*

5.Standards of Operations (please review)

Extra Employee Forms —>>  CLICK HERE FOR GOOGLE DOC


Beverage Cart Sheet

Grand Oaks Daily Chore List

Grand Oaks 19th Hole Order Guide